Q2 2021

  • Advertising campaign and partnerships.

  • Release of Void Token (VOID) and‚Äč

  • At least one smart contract audits.

  • Series of basic articles about farming security.

  • Listing VOID on exchanges and bots.

  • Game mechanics to incentivize token burning.

Q3 2021

  • Farming Chains. A series of farmings, which although independent of each other, developed by the same team. Each one with improvements over the previous one.

  • New farming with different tokenomics (don't be anxious).

  • Swap and deposit tokens in the pools at the same time. Pools just one click.

  • New pool mechanics to generate buying pressure and have more stable APRs.

Note that every upgrade can be on the current farming or a new one. This will be decided and announced in good time.