Void Farm
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How to buy VOID

Note that VOID will be available to buy since Tuesday 20/04 at 21:00hs UTC!
VOID will be only available on pancakeswap. The official VOID's contract is 0x3c44eaf8b4eaef6e48bfc18ee92412be0b395746.
To buy VOID you can go to this link https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x3c44eaf8b4eaef6e48bfc18ee92412be0b395746 (if this doesn't work go below)
Mark "I understand" and click in "Continue"
Click on settings button and set slippage in at least 5%. This is because of burn mechanism of 4%. Of course you can tri with less, but maybe the transaction will fail.
Go back and select the token you want to use to buy VOID, we recommend to use BNB, and the amount you want to spend or the amount of VOID you want to buy.
Click on Swap.
Click on the second token
Paste the contract address. Click on "(Add)" and VOID.
All set, now you can back to the top of the tutorial and follow it.