Void Farm
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Void Farm

Making DeFi a safer place.

Our Mission

Like the void of a black hole, consuming everything that comes close to it, getting bigger and bigger in the solar system, we are determined to create our own farming system.
Our specific mission is to generate trust through a series of farmings, each with new features (check the Roadmap). Where users of the DeFi ecosystem can generate returns without worrying about the safety of their funds. Demonstrating commitment, creating sustainable farmings over time and educating in basic security so that the average degen can avoid rugpulls as much as possible.
This starting with Void Farm.
This is the first in a series of farmings, with the aim of creating safe ecosystem to generate returns.
Void Farm is a yield farm with built-in token deflation running on the Binance Smart Chain, that with a set of deflationary mechanisms, seek to generate long-term sustainable returns.


With this first farming we seek to create a solid base of trust in the team and a burn and reward mechanism that keeps the APRs attractive and the Void Token at a good price.
  • 30k max supply of Void.
  • A farming reflective token.
  • No one will have an advantage over the purchase of VOID and no previous tokens will be mined for team reservation. No presale or anything like that.
  • 0.01 Void minned per block. Around 288 Void tokens per day, a very low emission.
  • Low mining dev fee of 2%
  • 2% of every transaction will be burned and another 2% automatically splited to all other token holders.
  • All tokens received by reflection within the pools will be automatically burned.
  • Timelock of 12 hours with prior notice of any changes and, of course, no migrator code.
  • Decreasing deposit fee according to how the project progresses. Starting at 4%. This is to maintain a healthy relationship between the deposit fees and the performance of the pools.
  • There will be a small initial mining to add liquidity, which will immediately be burned. This will be announced at the exact moment on the Void Farm social networks.
  • A series of articles about security and a commitment to transparency. You can start with the Security section right here.
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